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Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

know the title deed

Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010
A few days ago I met a friend who told me that a brother was summoned by the court in connection with matters of land rights that have been sold to someone else and had passed a dozen years ago. From conversations that I take the conclusion that the role of a land certificate is very important especially for owners of land / houses and also will have the force of which can be used as evidence in court. I am writing this under my capture and summary of original web, and also slightly-edited without changing the sense that not too long. I wish that visitors can better understand Seputar Griya (like me who are also not many know) about this issue of land certificates. For those of you who want to read the full article please visit the original website here. Not forgetting the original author, I would like to thank you.

Speaking about the certification of land rights - to the next in this paper will be called "certificates of land" - for most of us, not something foreign. However, if we really understand and realize about the real benefits of land certificate, any information contained in a certificate and what legal consequences if we did not get a certificate to our land? To answer these questions, let us see with some of the things we know compulsory associated with land titles.

Physically, the land certificate divided into several sections, namely: Outer Cover, Cover In Book Land and Measure Letter / Picture Situation (GS). But in everyday practice people often simply called Book Land and Letters Measure / GS. In a land certificate described or proved several things, including:
  • Types of land rights and the validity of land rights
  • The name of rights holder
  • Physical description of land
  • Load on the ground
  • Events that relate to the land.

1. Type of Ownership of Land And Validity
In a land certificate, listed species land rights are concerned, which is one of the following:
  1. Property Rights (HM)
  2. Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB)
  3. Right to Use
  4. Right of Enterprises (HGU)
  5. Rights Management
Also be written for how long those rights may exist, except for property that there is no limit expired. Information about the types of land rights and the validity period, written on the cover of In (Land Book) and in the first column from the top of the Land Book.

2. Rights Holder.
Right holder's name can we know in the Land Book section of the second column. In the Land Books also noted in cases of transitional land rights. For example, in case of sale and purchase transactions, hence the name of the previous rights holder will be removed by the competent authority (BPN) and subsequently included new rights holders, and so on, so the certificate can always be known who the holders of rights over land.

However, in practice not all running as it should, because it often happens, after the sale and purchase of land, new land owners who fail to carry through with the name. Enrolled into the Land Office. Negligence such as this is not governed by strict sanctions yang, namun akan adverse cases like this tanah yang baru owner (buyer), because only the old owner who bisa masih name listed in the Land Kantor, managing the issuance of certificates kembali dengan alasan lagi missing and selanjutnya sell land to others.

3. Physical Description
Physical description of the soil can be seen on Measure Letter / Picture Situation. Here we can find out about land area, length and width, soil physical form, location and boundaries of land.

4. Expenses On Land.
From a certificate can also be known whether there are charges on the land. That is, whether the land is still in a state or pledged as collateral on a bank or whether the above certificate have other rights, such as HGB over Property Rights.

5. Events Related To Land
All events associated with the land is also registered by the Land Registration Office (OPT) in the certificate, such as sales events, grants, investments daam a Limited Liability Company (PT), inheritance and so forth.

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