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Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010


Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010
Terms of land conversion is the manufacture and / or manufacture of the land title deed CUSTOMARY RIGHTS made / converted to a certificate based on the 1961 and enhanced pp.10 PP. 24 YEAR 1997.

Terms of what is required in the conversion process.

Among them are the following:
1. Petition
2. A model is issued from village
3. Waiver of land ownership.
4. Excerpts of letter c village
5. Photocopy the letter c diligalisir
6. Resident identity card (KTP) is still valid
7. Un and stts year Puspa

And after all is completed daftarin aja live to BPN (National Land Agency), it's easy ... but do not like this first half-toy.

Ohya father / mother / saodara gentlemen.

What should we do after the files didaftarin in BPN.

After the file has no problem cpc / mother / saodara will get a BP (receipts Evidence Request)
After that the head of the local BPN land measuring father / mother to ask for the national land agency in this case the local BPN chief officer appointed measure.
And then we, as applicants have to wait for the announcement which will be announced during the two month course after all not a problem either in terms of physical or juridical. Ohya, announced in an announcement at the offices of BPN and VILLAGE OF LOCAL OFFICE. It's different if the certificate MISSING.
However, the father / mother should be monitored in terms of when it's finished publication in check / ask in the BPN to ask sertipikatnya. Another case in hand if pengurusanya others of course the father / mother did not bother to ask directly to the local land office. For example at hand paryoto pengurusanya father lived sms / call me surely can direct deh info.

So hopefully useful and if there is father / mother / saodara melenkapinya want my invite, and if you like Dean this article do not hesitate to leave a comment. thanks

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